Our Services

At Domains247, we offer a wide range of services:

Domain acquisitions:

We have helped hundreds of clients acquire their perfect domain name — even owned and hard-to-get domains. We take the time to understand every part of the puzzle in order to devise a strategy that will achieve the desired results.

Our committed, hands-on approach helps you get the domain name you want. We bring high standards and value to each and every transaction, guiding you through the complex domain market. We can help you find the best domain name available, and our depth of experience, integrity and transparency ensures that you are able to acquire your premium domain at the best possible price.

All sales go through a safe and secure third-party escrow company.

Domain sales:

Good domain names are valuable assets. Whether you have a single domain name to sell or have a portfolio of domain assets, we can help you to assess the real market value and find the new home your domain name.

We have a worldwide network and extensive experience in the sale of domain names, from corporate and boutique spaces. We remain open and transparent with you throughout the process and are confident we will be able to find the right buyer for you and your domain to optimise its potential.

Whilst we are flexible, representation through our marketplace is important to success.

All sales go through a safe and secure third-party escrow company.

Domain valuations:

We offer a domain name valuation service to help you understand the fair market value of your assets. Valuations are created based on our extensive knowledge and experience of the domain market and not a computer algorithm. We consider key criteria such as domain extension, length of domain, keyword value, current use, domain registrant, and age of the domain. We also look at industry sources for similar domains whether sold or for sale. Concluding sale prices can vary and we understand there are a number of factors than can impact where you value your domains, we are happy to work with you best we can.

Consultation on Monetising portfolios

Domain names are now a valuable asset to a brand’s IP portfolio. If you are a business with a large domain portfolio, chances are you may have some domains that are doing nothing for your business. Whether it is inherited domains from previous business mergers and acquisitions or legacy brands and products, it is possible you are sitting on domains that are costing you money and are bringing little or no value.

This is where our consultation to value and monetise your domain portfolio can prove vital. Following an in-depth discussion, our experts conduct a full assessment of your domain portfolio, taking into consideration key criteria and your business objectives/strategy. We are then able to help you determine the best strategy for defining and leveraging your portfolio's value.

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